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Bamboo Fly Rod Care

Congratulations on the purchase of your new bamboo fly rod.  We have included some information to help you keep your fly rod in its best possible condition for years to come.

1.    Always use the included ferrule plug on the female ferrule.  This plug is included to help you keep the female ferrule clean and free from dirt and grit, which will otherwise slowly sand and change the fit in the ferrule connection.  The extra length added to the base section will also help protect the delicate tip sections while in storage and transport.

2.    Keep the ferrules clean and free from grit.  Before assembling your fly rod, wipe the male ferrule on your shirt or a clean cloth to ensure it is free of dirt or oil.  Do not apply any oil or “nose grease” to the ferrule.  If you suspect the female ferrule has become contaminated with dirt or grit, clean it with a cotton swab soaked in water or alcohol.

3.    When assembling your fly rod, keep both of your hands as close together at the ferrules as possible to avoid applying sideways stress and the chance of bending the socket. 

4.    When dis-assembling your fly rod, keep both hands well away from the ferrules to avoid applying sideways stress and the chance of bending the socket.

5.    Do not twist the ferrules once assembled to achieve proper alignment of the rod sections, this will sand the ferrules over time.  If the alignment is not correct after assembly, pull the sections apart and try again.

6.    Wax your new fly rod at least yearly, more often if it sees a lot of use.  Use any standard paste furniture wax.  The wax will shed water readily and will help prevent wear on the finish due to the normal contact other objects, just like it does with furniture.  Apply a light coat, let it dry, and then buff it off with a soft cloth.

7.    Keep your fly rod clean and dry while in storage.  After a fishing outing, hang the fly rod, in it’s rod bag, by the hanging loop and allow it to air dry.  We often hang the bag from the neck of a clothes hanger in the back of a closet where it will be out of harm’s way.  Bamboo and the silk thread wraps are both natural products and both can rot in extreme circumstances when stored in a damp environment.

8.    Small cracks in the finish may appear at the base of each ferrule over time.  These are referred to as “casting checks”.  Every bamboo fly rod eventually develops casting checks due to there being an inflexible metal ferrule joined to a flexible fly rod shaft.  Casting checks are normal and are not considered to be an issue that requires maintenance. By hanging your fly rod to dry after outings, any moisture that may have migrated into the wrap will be allowed to escape. 

9.    Over many years, you may also notice casting checks develop over the foot of some the guides.  This is not a maintenance issue, and should be treated just like casting checks on the ferrules.  Keep the fly rod waxed and allow it to dry thoroughly when not in use. 

10.                  Do not store your fly rod leaned against a wall, railing, tree or other object.  Long term storage in this manner will allow it to take a “set” which is a permanent curvature of the blank.  A “set” will not affect your ability to use your fly rod, and in most cases will not affect its casting accuracy.  Fly rods that do take a set can usually be straitened by an experienced builder.

11.                  Do not store your bamboo fly rod in a hot car, attic or garage for extended periods of time.  Extended high temperatures may cause the finish or glues to soften causing irreparable damage, or induce a set.



A quality bamboo fly rod is built to be used for multiple generations.  With long term use, however, some maintenance or repair will be inevitable.  One of the advantages of your new bamboo fly rod is that it can be repaired rather than replaced, including:

*Worn ferrules can be tightened and re-fit usually while still attached to the fly rod.

*A worn or chipped finish can be spot fixed or the entire rod can be dipped.

*Worn thread wraps or broken/grooved/missing guides can be replaced.

*Well used fly rods can be stripped down to the bare blank, wrapped with new guides and refinished at a fraction of the cost of a new fly rod.

*Broken tips can be repaired even if the broken section in missing.

*Missing tips can be replaced.

*Fly rod tips can be straitened, if they develop a “set”.

This bamboo fly rod was built to be used and enjoyed.  We expect you to enjoy it to it’s fullest, maintain it to the best of your ability as written above, have it repaired as necessary and pass it on to another generation to continue it’s use.

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