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Bamboo Rod Repair


Heddon Repair Before


Heddon Repair After

Read about and see a restored Wright & McGill: Granger Victory.

Repairing a broken bamboo fly rod.

Gallery of Bamboo Fly Rod Repairs.

We can make any repair that a bamboo fly rod may need.  While we feel that our repair and restoration prices are about the most reasonable in the world, we can not offer you a quote on repair work over the phone, or based on photographs.  Once the fly rod is recieved in the shop, and a full assessment made, we will contact you with all the details and the final price.


Some of the bamboo fly rod services we offer are: 

Complete Restoration/Rewrap/Varnish

Broken/Missing Rod Sections

Replace or Repair Ferrules

Replace Grips

Replace or Repair Reel Seat

 Bamboo fly rod broken at ferrule 1

Bamboo fly rod broken at ferrule


While we give every bamboo fly rod, that comes into our bamboo fly rod shop the same individual care and attention our past customers come first.  Repairs are prioritized in the following manner.


1.    Warranty repairs on bamboo fly rods built by us.

2.    Non-warranty repairs on bamboo fly rods built by us.

3.    Repairs on bamboo fly rods built by other makers and manufacturers


Our intention is take care of those customers who have helped build our business first.


Repairs are prioritized by the above method, and then completed in the order they have been received.  The average customer will see no change in working time when having their bamboo fly rod repaired, but should be aware that their order may be bumped on the schedule by a couple days (when repair times are typically measured in weeks) if a higher priority repair comes into the shop.  

Bamboo Fly Rod Pricing

2 Piece, 1 Tip     $995

2 Piece, 2 Tips   $1,500

3 Piece, 1 Tip    $1,285

3 Piece, 2 Tip    $1,700

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